Wait in the Van| about us page

This website is the authored by a mother of a seven-year-old kid and a professional. It is a product of her living in a stressful environment for several years now. When Selina Medina experienced postpartum depression back when she got pregnant with her kid, she looked immediately for an outlet. She considered many hobbies that range from sewing, knitting, and even painting. She even joined programs, projects, and even clubs just so she would find something else to focus her attention on. What more is that she even joined a variety of organizations. But even after she did all this, she still felt something missing until she tried writing down her story.

You can call it a breakthrough. At first, she tried writing down first random and mundane things. She tried writing down her feelings and what she feels about certain things. After that, she tried spending more and more time in writing. That made her realize that writing is her passion and it is the outlet she was looking for. She started getting diaries from the nearest office warehouse at her place. When she begins filling out more and more of these notebooks she decided to upload it to her Google account. Unfortunately, or fortunately, if you would consider the circumstances that made her interested in inspiring other people, her sister accidentally opened her file and was able to read her diary entries. She was moved by what you read. So she convinced her to start writing a blog. They sought their cousin who is a web designer and ask his help in assisting her with designing the blog. That was the start of her journey as an inspirational writer.

Be inspired when you follow Selena Medina’s blog. She is very accommodating when you decide to reach out to her. She’s a great friend and a great listener. She will help you with your everyday trouble.