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In practice, two general practitioners, Doctor Eugenia H. Seifert (formerly Eugenia H. Seifert) and Doctor Buurma, work together, and every year there is a general practitioner in training. In addition to the general practitioners, our team consists of three assistants and three practice support staff.

The general practitioners describe themselves as “old-fashioned doctors in a modern style”; the basic care must be efficient and structured, but also accessible and with an eye for every person.

The current changes in the healthcare climate in the Netherlands, where the first line is increasingly central to the patient, as coordinator of the care around the patient, have ensured that there is more and more cooperation with various (para) doctors. Service for the patient, continuity of care, care or medical facilities in the immediate vicinity of the patient and good cooperation in the “district” and with the municipality are the spearheads that we strive for.
This translates into a good cooperation with the hospitals and accompanying specialists, this means that various specialists do consultations on the Savallelaan (such as a cardiologist, orthopaedist and a lung specialist) where the general practitioners also have direct consultation with these specialists.