My Story, My Life

Wait in the Van is the product of my several years in a stressful environment. Perhaps, if you are like me, you’d realize that somehow, there will come a point where you’d feel burnt out about the routine you do. You’d feel frustrated and somehow would find an outlet where you can release that stress. This comes differently for different types of people. You can choose to be destructive, or you can choose to be creative. Me, I choose to write. I choose to express myself through words. This is the product of it.

This website would tell you about me and my life. If you are not aware of it yet, I am a single mother who is also a successful career woman. This online platform would give you an idea on my everyday struggle as a person and as a mother. It would give you a glimpse of all the adjustments I make to accommodate everything in my schedule starting of course with my kid. I know that I am not the only person who is undergoing the same kind of struggle so I want to connect with other people like me, whether they are a single mother or father.

It saddens me that there are times when news reach me wherein single parents like me lose their capability to establish a good relationship with their children; that they somehow suffer from depression because sometimes they do not know how to deal with the challenges that come to their way every day. This website aims to empower these people. We aim to be the support system that could give you the moral support and the emotional support you need. What more is that we aim to be a helping hand just in case you are feeling lost in your everyday duty.

I can personally attest that this is not easy. But through proper mindset and sometimes by organizing our priorities like getting the garage door repair in Tulsa that we need, nothing is impossible. We can make miracles happen. Having our support system could also mean a lot. This could help us stand whenever we feel like falling down. It provides the encouragement we need so that we can continue with our routines every day. It gives a reason for us to move forward and to never give up hope.

So what can you expect about this website? Simple. You can expect that this will be my digital diary. You can expect here my everyday story – how I cope with it and how I make the most out of it. I wish to help you get inspired, and I hope I can deliver this goal. But just in case it does not work, I can simply be a good listener too. The most important thing is that you can find a friend in me. You can find someone you can count on just in case you think the world is conspiring against you. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Follow my journey through this website and be inspired. When all else fail, you have a friend in me.