Wait in the Van | FAQs

This possible that you are looking forward to knowing more about Selena Medina. Here we have collected common questions being asked by the guests who frequent here to her. We hope that this would serve as your reference in knowing more about this website and about Selena Medina herself. Just in case you have any more questions, please send us a message. Our contact details can be found at our contact us page.

Do you have any self-help books that you can recommend to those who are suffering from depression?

Personally, I never felt a need for any self-help books. Although I read a lot of books, I focus mostly on those that would entertain me such as thrillers, romance novels, and classic books. So, unfortunately, I cannot recommend any self-help books to you that I already read.

Are you planning to publish your story someday?

People have been asking me the same thing. At first I never really thought about publishing any of my works. Right now, however, I can say that I am still thinking about the concept. I don’t think I am already ready for such a big commitment. But just in case I have plans to publish my story in the future, I would let you know. You can get information about it via this website. I usually post my announcements and other news via my own my online bulletin. So please stay tuned.

Do you plan to have a meet and greet with your fans?

Yes! As of now, I’m still planning it but definitely, I have plans to meet you guys in the future. I’m always thankful for your support and for the love and care you always give to me. You’re my support system and you help me surpass the challenges that I get every day.