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The forum site will give you a place to interact with other guests who frequent here. You can ask them about their experience on this website or ask their own story. They are good people that would also give you the support you need.


“This website is very fascinating. Is there anyone here who already managed to talk with the author? How was it? Was she really as accommodating as she came to be?”


“I already managed to speak with her once. But it was already a long time ago. She was really very friendly and very accommodating. I remembered that she even called me when I was so depressed. It is embarrassing to say but Selena was a shoulder to cry on back when I was so frustrated with work and with my partner. She was not judgmental and was just listening while a rant. After that, she gave me an advice and told me that I need to sleep on it. She told me that after I wake up I’m going to have a different perspective and that I should not make any rash decisions especially when I am angry. Really, she was right. I was already thinking back then to break it up with my partner. But through her advice, I manage to rein my emotions and rationally talk to my partner about the problems we have. To tell you we were able to settle it and now we are happily married and we already have one kid.”


“Thank you for taking the time to send me a message back @Leann. I was really hoping that Selena would reply to my messages soon. I already sent her an email this morning but until now I was in able to receive a reply yet. But really, I’m looking forward to hearing from her.”